“Over 100,000 people, just like me, need an organ transplant.Thank you for helping to save lives by signing up to be a donor.”

America, awaits a kidney transplant.


Thank you for making the decision to help others through your gift of donation.  

Organ, eye and tissue donation represents a Gift of Life from one individual to another.  The New Mexico Donor Registry ensures that those who want to donate can do so. 

By signing up on the Donate Life New Mexico Registry you give consent to donate your organs, eyes, and tissue upon death. The Registry allows you to specify your gift of donation.

Examples of organs for life saving transplants include heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, and intestine.  
• Examples of tissues that could save or enhance someone's life include heart valves, corneas/eyes, bone, connective tissue and skin grafts.

Donor Sign-Up Information 
All information submitted will be used only for official Registry business and will be kept completely confidential. We will not share, sell or otherwise compromise this information. For more information, please read our Confidentiality section.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 15 years, you can join the Donate Life New Mexico Registry, but your parents or legal guardian will make the final decision about organ and tissue donation at the appropriate time.

Email Confirmation 
We will confirm your registration by sending an email directly to you.  Entering your email address will also allow you to update your information at a later date. You may obtain a free e-mail account at Yahoo, Hotmail,or Google.